The first video introduces Richard Lanham's paramedic method:

Also, see:
Braun's brief paramedic method webpage
The MS Word Macro highlights some poor writing symptoms.
Click link to download the MS Word version.
   Click link 2 to download the Mac version which has no GUI.
   Or, use Dylan Kirkby's Google Docs version.
Video 2 by Braun explains how to run the macro (3:49), and video 3 by Braun explains how to install it (2:53).
Video 4 by MasterEdit provides more detailed editing advice.

Video 2 explains how to run the macro (3:49):

Video 3 explains how to install the macro (2:53):

  1. Download the .zip file containing the macro (link). Unzip it to reveal three files (.bas, .frm, & .frx).
  2. In MS Word, open a new document.
  3. Open the Visual Basic Editor from the Developer Tab (alt-L alt-V). If the Developer Tab doesn't appear, Customize the Ribbon (alt-F alt-T), and make sure the Developer Tab appears checked under Customize the Ribbon: Main Tabs. Then, open the Visual Basic Editor.
  4. In the Project Explorer (cntl-R), click on the Normal project.
  5. Import File (cntl-M) and select ParamedicMethodHighlighterV7.bas then Open.
  6. Import File (cntl-M) and select PMUserForm.frm then Open.

Paramedic Method Editing Examples
Before After Lard Factor
The sensor is attached to a branch, producing data, which can be viewed later in an Excel sheet. The sensor samples branch temperature, producing data for an Excel worksheet. 39%
The system is an electrically powered mode of transportation and is controlled with a handheld remote control. The electrically powered transportation system responds to a handheld remote control. 35%
By the end of the project, a new system is expected to be fully functional and ready to operate. In the end, the excellent design is meant to give people a great new way to pursue happiness. On project completion, the fully functional new system gives people a great new way to pursue happiness. 54%
In Figure 3, it is observed that the lower data are located in the high frequency range of the spectrum. Figure 3 shows at least 6 dB lower gain at frequencies above 10 MHz. 30%


Video 4 by Master Edit provides more detailed editing advice:

A paper describes how the Paramedic Method Macro can improve student writing. Please see:
“A Paramedic Method Drill Master to Improve Students’ Writing” D. Braun, Paper presented on June 16 at the 2015 ASEE  Annual Conference & Exposition, Seattle, June 14 – 17, pp. 26.79.1 - 26.79.12

Other online tools can help improve writing. See:

The Grammark Tool

The Expresso App

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