EE 413 - Advanced Electronic Design


Electronic Design

Electronic Design Magazine
EDN Magazine
Electronic Design Checklist
Evolutionary Design
Flash Bulb Circuit for Camera
FPAA from Anadigm
Pierce Reference Oscillator
Planet Analog
Programmable SoC

Project Management Myths
PWM Light Dimmer
Repair FAQ

Ref: Johnson, H., High-Speed Digital Design. Prentice Hall, 1993.

Mark Fortunato, Maxim Integrated Tutorial 5450,
Successful PCB Grounding with Mixed-Signal Chips - Follow the Path of Least Impedance
, 2012.
Available: .html [Cited: Jan. 25, 2021].

Maxim IC Application Note 2997,
Basic Switching-Regulator-Layout Techniques
, 2003.
Available: .html and .pdf [Cited: Jan. 22, 2021].

Clinton Jensen, Layout Guidelines for Switching Power Supplies,
National Semiconductor
Application Note 1149, Oct. 1999, revised April 2013 as Texas Instruments. Available:, Previously:
Also, see Sanjaya Maniktala, SIMPLE SWITCHER ® PCB Layout Guidelines, National Semiconductor Application Note 1229, July 2002. And followup notes from Jan. 26, 2011.

Universal Design Principles

Mental Gymnastics

Boost Creativity
Creativity Quotes + More
Creativity Techniques
Increase Creativity
Creative Thinking
JAVA Puzzles
Word Games from M-W
Word Jumble
Universal Word Search

LabVIEW & Interfacing Links

National Instruments Developer Zone
University of Sydney Tutorial
Shiralkar Tutorial
Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation
IVI & VISA Standards


Boosting Creativity1, #2, #3
Brainstorming1, #2
Effective Group Work
Forming Norming Storming Performing Adjourning
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