EE 460 - Senior Project Preparation


Electronic Design

Electronic Design Magazine
EDN Magazine
Electronic Design Checklist + UNL tips
Evolutionary Design
Flash Bulb Circuit for Camera
FPAA from Anadigm
Pierce Reference Oscillator
Planet Analog
Programmable SoC
Project Management Myths
PWM Light Dimmer
Repair FAQ

Ref: Johnson, H., High-Speed Digital Design. Prentice Hall, 1993.

Maxim IC Application Note 2997,
Basic Switching-Regulator-Layout Techniques
, 2003.
Available: .html and .pdf [Cited: March 24, 2011].

Clinton Jensen, Layout Guidelines for Switching Power Supplies,
National Semiconductor
Application Note 1149, Oct. 1999.
Also, a fancy brochure. and followup notes from Jan. 26, 2011.

Universal Design Principles

Mental Gymnastics

Boost Creativity
Creativity Quotes + More
Creativity Techniques
Increase Creativity
JAVA Puzzles
Word Games from M-W
Word Jumble
Universal Word Search

LabVIEW & Interfacing Links

National Instruments Developer Zone
University of Sydney Tutorial
Shiralkar Tutorial
Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation
IVI & VISA Standards


Boosting Creativity1, #2, #3
Brainstorming1, #2
Effective Group Work
Forming Norming Storming Performing Adjourning
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