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CPE 219 Logic and Switching Circuits
EE 306 Semiconductor Device Electronics
EE 307 Digital Integrated Electronics
EE 308 Electronic Circuits
EE 413 Advanced Electronic Design
EE 460 Senior Project Preparation
EE 524 Solid State Electronics
CPE 259 Logic and Switching Circuits Lab
EE 346 Semiconductor Device Electronics Lab
EE 347 Digital Integrated Electronics Lab
EE 348 Electronic Circuits Lab
EE 422 Polymer Electronics Lab
CPE 461/462 EE 463/464 Senior Project
EE 544 Solid State Electronics Lab

Sustainability and Integrated Circuits

EE Dept. Instrument Tips
The Global Environment--

The Environmental Studies Minor

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Advice for Students
Academic Skills Center
College of Engineering Advising Center
Ledder's Learning Tips
Senior Project and Thesis Tips
Writing Tips
Braun's Paramedic Method Tool
Graduate School--To Go Or Not To Go?
Surviving Graduate School
How to Be a Graduate Student
How to Write a Dissertation
How to Write More Clearly
How Stuff Works
Student Pugwash
Career Advice
Teaching Tips
Books in 1498

Environmental Science

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IEEE Code of Ethics
IEEE Computer Society
Cal Poly's Student Branches
Online Student Membership
IEEE Bio-Tech Applications Contest

IC Design and Modeling

UCB IC Design
Download PSPICE (>600MB)
Download LTspice (>7MB)
More Software Tips
MIT Semiconductor Subway


Lab Safety Links

Electronics Design

Circuit Builder Tool
Anadyne FPAAs


Polymer and Organic
Liquid Crystal


Learn By Doing Lab Experiment

Harloe Electronics Lab

Lab Safety Rules

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