New Century Scholars Workshop
Teaching, Learning, and Your Academic Career

Presented by Dan Waldorf (IME Dept.) and David Braun (EE Dept.) on Thursday, October 28, 1999



Overview of Workshop (Braun)

Example of Course and Teaching Improvement (Waldorf)

Conclusion: Take Don Maas' Course Maintaining Instructor Effectiveness, Techniques and Strategies for More Effective Teaching


Useful Teaching Resources on the Web (see

Workshop Website

Richard Felder's Education Resources

Wankat and Oreovicz Teaching Engineering

Stanford Center for Teaching and Learning

U.C. Berkeley Suggestions for Teaching with Excellence

U. of Minnesota Cooperative Learning Center

McMaster University Teaching Tips

U. of N. Carolina Center for Teaching and Learning

U. of Nebraska-Lincoln Teaching and Learning Center

Global Campus Data Base

World Lecture Hall

Bloom's Taxonomy Links,

Craig Nelson's Links, Indiana U.,

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