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Conducting Polymer Literature 
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ASME History of Polymer Electronics (April 1998)
Polymer & OLED Movies
Cambridge Display Technology 
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Merck OLED Materials
Molecular Electronics-Physics of Organic Semiconductors in Groningen 
Professor Kido, Yamagata 
Johannes Kepler University 
Linköping University, Research and Movies 
OTB Display 
Philips OLED Research and Lumiblade Lighting
University of Sheffield
Yang Yang at UCLA

Polymer Displays

DuPont Displays
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Merck OLED Materials
Electronic Displays

Polymer Solar Cells

Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics
Konarka Plastic Solar Cells




More appear on Braun's page in Cal Poly's Digital Commons

Electronic Injection and Conduction Processes for Polymer Devices,
Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics, Vol. 41, 2622-2629 (2003) HTML or pdf

Semiconducting Polymer LEDs Materials Today, 5(6), June 2002, pp 32-39

ESI Interview

Cultivating Graduate Students: Techniques to Inspire Effective Research

A multidisciplinary polymer electronics laboratory

Transient response of passive matrix polymer LED displays

Method to optimize polymer spin coating for polymer LED displays

Semiconducting polymers for multidisciplinary education

Simulations of passive matrix polymer image sensors

Crosstalk and image uniformity in passive matrix polymer LED displays

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