EE 307

GTL Interface Design Projects


Selected GTL Interface Design Projects from Winter Quarter, 2007

For project specifications, see

Group 3 

Group 14 (.pdf) 

Group 15 

Group 16 


Please keep in mind some comments while reading the above projects:

  1. Use Richard Lanham's Paramedic Method to improve writing logically and joyfully.
  2. Excessive reliance on the the verb “to be” and the passive voice reduces the impact and quality of writing. Please use active voice and a variety of descriptive verbs. For more info see:
  3. Please prevent artificial kinks in transient simulation results due to not specifying the maximum time step PSpice uses in the calculations. To specify a smaller step_ceiling, use the .TRAN statement:
  4. .TRAN print_step final_time (results_delay) (step_ceiling)
    The last two parameters are officially optional, but I recommend that you specify a step_ceiling no greater than the smaller of final_time/1000 or (rise or fall time)/10.

    For example:

    .TRAN 20p 40n 0 10p

    Also, take care that .DC sweeps make sufficiently small steps.

  5. PSpice Probe Eval Goal Functions can ease extracting information from output plots:
    • XatNthY(V(52),1.65,2) is a PSpice Probe Eval Goal Function to find the 2nd time (on a time trace) at which the voltage at node 52 equals 1.65V
    • XatNthY(D(V(6)),-1.0,2) is a PSPice Probe Eval Goal Function to find the 2nd voltage (on a VTC) at which the slope of the voltage at node 6 is -1.0
    • To obtain average propagation delay tP from VIN node 10 to VOUT node 52, use:
    • To obtain average power dissipation averaged over one 10 ns period, use:
    • To obtain the FOM power * delay product, use:
  6. Use standard and complete bibliographic citations to cite references and resources. For example, use the IEEE Style:
    [1] H. Bronleigh, “How to Cite References – IEEE Style,” Murdoch University Library, June 13, 2006. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: February 23, 2007]
    [2] Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., IEEE Transactions, Journals and Letters: Information for authors. Piscataway NJ: IEEE, 2006. Available: [Accessed February 23, 2007] pp. 4-5

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