I-V Converter for POLYmer Lab

        Because a Photo-Detector Produces a current proportional to it's incident light, it is necessary to convert that current to a usable voltage. Since our nominal currents will range from -50pA to -50uA, a  gain is added as well. Since such low currents are 'sensed' from the photo-detector, it is necessary to keep stray noises to a minimum. A molded aluminum housing was used to provide additional shielding and handling capability. It is approximately 1" x 3" with the following external connections: IN, OUT, NULL, +/- NULL SWITCH, +Vcc, -Vee. Gain of the trans-impedance amp is 200,000, giving an output voltage range of 10uV to 10V.

This page/project based on previous work from John Becker.
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