A Solitaire Challenge!

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The objective of the game is to end up with a single filled square ("o") in the center position - exactly opposite the starting configuration. The filled squares are eliminated in a fashion similar to the jumps made in Checkers. Make a move by clicking on the square at the start of the jump, and then click on the destination. The destination must be an empty square. If the square at the start of the jump is valid, then it will be highlighted.

The original version of this game had a wooden base and was played with marbles. The inventor of the original game is unknown.

Rules of the Game


History of the Marble Solitaire Game in the DePiero/Boyce Family

This game has been played in the Boyce family for four generations. Interest in the game began with Emily Hughes Boyce, who was Fred DePiero's maternal grandmother. Emily enjoyed playing while at her summer cottage, and did master the game. Fred first conquered the game on July 8, 2000. To date Emily and Fred are the only two family members to have completed the puzzle (leaving a single colored square in the center position).

We invite you to this take on this challenge!

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