Cal Poly Sustainable Power for Electrical Resources (SuPER) project

Announcement for Senior Project and MS Thesis for Cal Poly SuPER Project (AY2009-10)

White Paper, James G. Harris, July 15, 2005

Fall 2005 Annoucement

EE 563 Graduate Seminar presentation 9/30/05: Development of Sustainable Power for Electrical Resources - SuPER System

Spring 2006 photos of team members and super prototype (powerpoint)

Fall 2006 Announcement

EE 563 Graduate Seminar presentation 10/6/06: Cal Poly SuPER Project: Progress Report and Plans

Fall 2007 Announcement

EE 563 Graduate Seminar presentation 10/5/07

This presentation was identical (except for a discussion of research opportunities for students) to the invited seminar presentation given to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Environmental Energy Technologies Division on August 16, 2007 by Jim Harris and Ali Shaban

Solar 2008 paper and presentation:

James G. Harris, Ali Shaban, Tyler Sheffield, and Eran Tal; "Cal Poly Sustainable Power for Electrical Resources (SuPER) Project"; Solar 2008; San Diego, CA; May 3-8, 2008

Presentation: PV System Performance session

MS Thesis:

Fall 2005 This thesis was not performed within the SuPER project, but has been very useful to the project for laying a foundation for its work.

Akihiro Oi, "Design and Simulation of Photvoltaic Water Pumping System", September 2005 (pdf file)

Summer 2006

Eran Tal, "SuPER System Prototype Design and Implementation", July 2006 (pdf file)

Spring 2007

Tyler Sheffield, "Cal Poly SuPER System Simulink Model and Status of Control System", April 2007 (pdf file)

Spring 2008

Joseph Witts, "Cal Poly SuPER System Photovoltaic Array Universal DC-DC Step Down Converter", June 2008 (pdf file)

Senior Projects:

Winter 2006

Tyson DenHerder, "Design and Simulation of Photovoltaic SuPER System using Simulink", March 2006 (pdf file)

Spring 2006

Gustavo Vasquez Jr., "Data Acquisition and Sensor Circuits for the SuPER Project", June 2006 (pdf file)

BUS 454 Client Report Presentation - June 2006 Student Team - Jessica Hickey, Richard Huskey, Heather McGinnis, Nick McMillan; Faculty Supervisor -Dr. Lynn Metcalf (PowerPoint)

Summer 2006

Alexander Gee, "Printed Circuit Board Design and Construction for the SuPER Project", August 2006 (pdf file)

Fall 2006

Jennifer Cao, "SuPER Project Wiring and System Protection", December 2006 (pdf file)

Winter 2007

Joseph A. Zukowski, "Implementation of High Powered LED Load into the SuPER System", March 2007 (pdf file)

Independent study project to interface pyranometer:

EE senior student Slavic Orzhakovsky (see Tyler Sheffield MS thesis for details of integration into SuPER system prototype)

Spring 2007

Kaha Sariashvili, "Heavy Load Switchboard Design and Construction for SuPER Project", Spring 2007 (pdf file)

Thaddeus Guno, Kunal Shaw, and Koosh Shaw, "SuPER System DC-DC Converter", Spring 2007 (pdf file)

EE 400 Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates (1 unit):

Shane Murphy and Juan Uribe, "Cal Poly SuPER Project Thermocouple Temperature Measurement", Spring 2007 (pdf file)

Winter 2008

Gavin Baskin, "SuPER System Safety", Winter 2008 (pdf file).

Alexander Liang, "Cal Poly SuPER Project Electrical Power Analysis of Cal Poly Organic Farm", Winter 2008 (pdf file).

Presentation for Cal Poly Sustainable Agriculture Research Consortium (SARC) March 21, 2008 [PowerPoint summary of Senior Project]: " Electrical Power Analysis of the Cal Poly Organic Farm for the Cal Poly SuPER Project" (pdf file).

Joseph Witts, 4+1 Interim Report: "SuPER Cart DC Motor Model and Ultra-Capacitor Addition", March 18, 2008 (pdl file).

Spring 2008

Brian Estrada and Patrick Mariano; "Development of UCLinux Platform for Cal Poly SuPER Project"; June 2008 (pdf file)

Fall 2009

Alex Diaz, "Development of UClinux SPI Interface on Spartan 3e Development Board for Cal Poly SuPER Project", December 2008 (pdf file)

Tony Wonsyld, "Proof of Concept Implementation with the Spartan 3e Evaluation Board for the Cal Poly SuPER Project", December 2008 (pdf)

Spring 2009

Khanh Nguyen, "Development Tools for the Cal Poly SuPER Project using the Digilent Spartan 3E FPGA Board", June 2009 (pdf)

Frank Scarfo, "Implementation of an Analog Multiplexer for Xilinx Spartan 3e Starter Board", June 2009 (pdf)

Matt Staniszewski, "Implementation of a SPI Driver in UCLinux for Cal Poly SuPER Project", June 2009 (pdf)